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Mark Hambelton is a computer experts. He has made a name for himself in the business of augmented reality.
He runs software solution consultancy services for Focus Group and he is the founder of Hambers Photography. He also served as the System Engineer with Veeam Software.

Mark attended Birkbeck college and Lambeth college where he got Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Information Technology respectively.
He was endorsed by Gianluca Mazzotta and Linus Svensson, who are also highly skilled.

He has received several certifications and recommendations from mega reputable companies like Microsoft, Intel and Google.
He has also received several awards for the sheer brilliance, creativity and uniqueness of his projects.

Mark was a fellow of a New York based tech institute. This fellowship was with renowned tech specialists, software developers, and hardware manufacturers.
He lives in the San Diego area.



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  • The best I got from them about cloud computers. Also, tells about the working duration of laptops and desktops. Thank you!

    Brian Fantana
  • They are best in the guideing,how we can save our money in business plans.

    Brick Tamland





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