Why KFC Had Been So Popular Till Now like Tellthebell

Today almost every country across the globe has several outlets of KFC. It is the second largest restaurant chain in the world. The restaurant has branched over 123 countries in the world with more than twenty thousand outlets. Kentucky Fried Chicken which is popularly known by the name of mykfcexperience is one of the most loved eatery chains. Be it a kid or a teenager or an adult everyone yumms over the fried chickens sold by the outlet. The slogan of the chain totally justifies the food which it serves. People do lick their fingers after having a meal in the outlet.

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Story Behind KFC:

In the year 1930 when the world was facing an economic recession, there was a person in the United States with the name of Colonel Sanders who started selling fried chickens through a roadside vending in Corbin, Kentucky. Sanders discovered the power of good food and how a restaurant franchise can be a profitable business all across the globe. The roadside restaurant which was opened by Colonel became so famous that he went on opening his own retail restaurant shop in the year 1952 in the place named Utah. In order to make the name of the city known to the world the man named the restaurant on the name of the city. This is how the first restaurant of the global chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC was opened.

Why KFC Had Been So Popular Till Now?

When the country of America was going through the period of the Great Depression, an entrepreneur came up with the idea to sell fried chickens. The meal that was sold in the Kfc restaurants became so famous across the city that it has to promote itself into a new and bigger outlet. The first outlet of the Kentucky fried chicken was opened in the year 1952. The journey of this shop in becoming the second largest eatery chain in the world is very interesting. This article will narrate you with the reasons why the eatery outlets of the Kentucky fried chicken has been so popular till now.

The chickens which are served in the outlets of this eatery chains are bred in a special poultry farm. They are given the special treatment of as to keep them away from any kind of diseases. Hence, the chickens which are served in these outlets are totally consumable. The outlets also provide varieties of fried chickens. The eatery chain provides several food items based on the different body parts of the chickens. The most loved item is the chicken bucket which only serves fried leg piece. Another reason for the outlets to be popular across the globe is the price at which they offer the food items. The costs are neither too high nor too low they totally justify the quality of the meal which is provided by the restaurant.

KFC is on the favourite lists of every person who loves to eat non-vegetarian food. It has been sixty-six years since the eatery outlet opened its first restaurant. It has become a global brand today and is adored by all.





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